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    Well, as many hams i startet as swl at the age of 12 years. I got a Philips-Electronics-Experimenting Box EE1003; starting the first little electronics experiments - an rx for the 100 Mcs-BC-Band. Due to an misdiamension of some coils i managed to hear some CB'ers in my town..regarding them as Hams :-)

    After some years of enjoying active CB-radio i passed my ham-radio exams at the "Deutsche Bundespost" and got my actual callsign DD3DJ, which first allowed me to operate on my favorite band 2m with 75Watts maximum output, due to the laws at that time (early eighties).
    - In January 2000 i got a special experimenting license by the german ptt for the 50 MHz-Band as well!
    Since then i mainly operate 6meters - ssb, enjoying numerous ES and F2-Openings that brought about 95 different DXCCs and around 400 Locator fields into the log. (additional 50MHz-Infos on this page are planned!)
    Thanks to enhanced ptt-regulations, i'm allowed (as nominally 33.000 others in DL) to operate all HF-bands since mid august 2003, perhaps we meet on 15m oder 10meters in SSB!

    My QTH is in JO31ol, given in the so called "Maidenhead-Locator
    I live in Bochum, a middle-sized city (400.000 inh.) situated in the "Ruhr-Area" about 100kms north of Cologne.
    My work is at Fachhochschule Bochum, University of applied sciences; i'm an electronic engineer working there at the CEI (Communication and Electronics Institute) responsible for practical student's education in the fields of radio-communications and different aspects of information technologies.

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