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Calling CQ! WinGRID by DL9FBS



WINGRID is a Windows Contest-programm for especially written for the TOEC, in order to give the operator a little more fun to check on the Grid-MULTIPLIERS and of course to get the TOEC a lill' bit more promoted.

WINGRID has been checked up and down, if any bugs appear please let me know. A DOS version GRID11 is also availiable from your local PBBS. You can also ask the Author for the GRID12, the newest DOS version. It would be forwardet to you via PR. Sysops outside of EU can ask for Disks to be shipped freely in Order to put the Programm in their local PBBS. Putting WINGRID on any PBBS servers would be highly appreciated.


ist ein Windows Contest-programm für den TOEC geschrieben. Es soll dem OP ein bisschen mehr Freude beim loggen und beim Checken der Multis machen. Ebenso soll es helfen dem TOEC mehr Aufmerksamkeit zu beschaffen.Wenn es jemand auf seinen AFU- server legen möchte, wäre das schön.


viel Spass mit der neuen Software

Rolf Kohl DL9FBS

Zip-archiv Download WinGRID 1.0 for Windows 3.xx/95/98 (abt. 1,8 MB)

Zip-archiv Download GRID12 for DOS (abt. 55kB)


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